We met Dr. Cruz at Pet Care Naturally and began our journey with CMVS in 2010.  At the time, we had an older Golden Retriever and a new Labrador puppy.  With my disabilities, it became increasingly difficult to get the boys to the vet.  CMVS has been a blessing to us and to our boys, (Zeke,our 14 year old Golden Retriever went to doggie heaven 07/23/2014,). Dr. Cruz made daily trips to Jackson Ranch, where the boys were boarded, while we were out of the country.  Dr. Cruz, went above and beyond to make our boy, Zeke, comfortable, his passing quick and painless, then took him to cremation.  We find Dr. Cruz to be a compassionate person, giving so much love to our remaining Labrador, Micah, as he did with our Zeke.  A very, very pleasant individual.  We look forward to his visits.


Dr. Thomas and Paula Daniel

I just wanted to thank Dr. Cruz for doing such a wonderful job euthanizing my 14 year old pet dog Sunny today. He passed in the most peaceful way.
Dr. Cruz I so appreciate your compassion and decades of experience. During a difficult process today you helped significantly. I would recommend your services to anyone and as you are truly an animal lover and a professional. I hope many others discover your service!

Thank you,

Andrew Sievright

Last Sat. my husband and I had had a terrible night with our 17 year old dog, Jack, whose health was quickly deteriorating. His back legs would give out when he tried to turn right or left and he was unable to have a dignified bowel movement. He was panting and shivering and seemed to be distressed. We couldn't bear to see him suffer a moment longer. However, Jack (a Haven Human dog who'd come from a bad home) was afraid of strangers and would panic so taking him to a vet to have him euthanized was out of the question. Then a friend told us about Dr. Cruz and that she was sure he worked on Saturdays. My husband called Dr. Cruz and he came to our home, arriving exactly when he said he'd be here.

What a wonderful, nice, calm man he is. He gave Jack a sedative and in less than 3-4 minutes, Jack closed his eyes and I laid his head down. He appeared to be asleep. I went into the house and my husband stayed with Jack as Dr. Cruz gave him the final injection and in seconds, Jack was gone. "Peaceful" is the best description for Jack's final moments, here at home where he was surrounded by everyone and everything he'd had in his life for all those years. I had intended to help my husband carry Jack's body (in a sheet) to his grave in the back yard but Dr. Cruz was the person who helped carry Jack. It's very obvious to us, as animal lovers, that Dr. Cruz cares deeply about animals and has a wonderful "bedside" manner with the animals and the "parents" when he's dealing with a sad and disturbing event, such as euthanasia.

I highly recommend Dr. Cruz as a competent vet and a very sweet person. It was an honor to meet him and we'll never forget him as he calmed us with his kind behavior to our beloved Jack (and to us).

Thank you Dr. Cruz.


Dr. Cruz came to our house when it was time to say goodbye to our Gracie. She was very ill and we just couldn’t put her through the additional trauma of loading her in the car and hauling her to the vet. She was able to lay on the couch while we said goodbye to her. Dr. Cruz didn’t rush to leave afterward. He stayed for a while to make sure we were comfortable. Believe it or not, it felt like a very natural process. Dr. Cruz had so much compassion, for us as well as our Gracie. Now it’s nice to have him stop by when we need care for our other pets. I won’t use any other veterinarian.

Linda Bos

I added Dr. Miguel Cruz to YELP because you need to know about him! Dr. Cruz came to my home on the worst possible day. He was kind and empathetic, and very professional. There was paperwork, yes, but he was contientious about the services he would be providing and making sure everything was legit. I like that ... it lets me know I'm dealing with a professional, not some random person. After a calming sedative, I spent a few minutes saying goodbye to my Ellie Mae and then Dr. Cruz injected her with the final shot and she just went to sleep. I could not have asked for a more gentle ending for my baby.

I was nosy, I asked about Dr. Cruz and after some prodding, he volunteered he was a Bethel member and active in its ministry. As a non-Christian, I can tell you he was a wonderful human being and I felt like the Universe meant for him to be there at my time of need.

Thank you Dr. Cruz!

Maureen Hoffman