Goodbye is never easy.

We believe pets are family and saying goodbye is hard. We want to make the final moments compassionate. Home euthanasia is a peaceful chance at saying goodbye. 

The decision to consider euthanasia can be one of the most challenging decisions you may have to make in life. It can also be one of the kindest decisions for your pet. Your beloved companion’s last moments should be stress free and surrounded by family in a familiar environment. 

When is it time?

The right time is always hard to define. Every pet and family is different. Dr. Cruz can help you navigate this tough decision and find out if it's time for a peaceful goodbye. 

What to expect?

The home euthanasia process begins with an evaluation and comforting conversation with the pet owners. Once the decision is made, it's followed up with a sedative injection. Once the pet has become peaceful a second and final injection is given. The pet will fall asleep and pass away shortly after the second and final injection. You're welcome to be present for all, none or part of the procedure. Dr.Cruz will guide you through the entire process making it peaceful for you and your pet. 

After Care

If you decide on cremation,  Dr. Cruz will transport your pet to the Sleep Hollow Pet Memorial Park in Anderson, CA. If you would prefer to handle the after care  yourself he will give you instructions for contacting and transporting your pet to Sleepy Hollow when you're ready.